Cost Ledger / Project Accounting

Often the General Ledger information is useful but does not provide you the level of detail that can be achieved by subdividing more, however doing this in the General Ledger causes you to have a very fragmented system.
The use of projects or cost ledger for subdivision allows you to achieve the detail without affecting the integrity of the General Ledger, as well as being able to easily add new projects to process.

  • Peritus Financial & Inventory Management provides a feature to track Account transactions in detail in a manner that permits in depth analysis and reporting by various categories / sub categories and by project without cluttering the General Ledger.
  • This module allows the user to setup a number of Cost Ledger Accounts and divide these further into Cost Ledger Sub Accounts. The Cost Ledger Accounts are linked to General Ledger accounts to enable the system to maintain a balance between the Project Accounting system and the General Ledger.